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It is within the urban fabric that I draw my inspiration. Industrial mechanisms, as well as the sounds they produce, are both elements which I integrate as much into research, development of form and choice of materials, as into the elaboration of the concept itself.

I first break down the fundamental elements of this driving force into rich imagery. I alter the scale of these images and, attentive to the fruits of cross-breeding, I then construct a new shape. Therefore my work is a meeting of materials and methods. From this overlap emanates a strong and pulsating sense of unity.

The shapes that I create are voluminous, and their robustness is invariably contrasted by a troubling impression of precarious balance. Moreover, solid planes and faces give way to lines and gaps, signifying the creation of new spaces, both intimate and discrete.

Thus, the interiority of the sculpture gains more and more importance, perhaps even to the point of sowing confusion about the essence of the sculpture and its influence on that which surrounds it. 

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